As a holistic oriented dentist in Oberursel and Frankfurt Westend we provide a wide range of services

“Good health begins in the mouth” *

Your healthy masticatory organ is our common goal!

Our expertise, which we keep up to date to the current state of practice, research and science by continuing medical education actively and passively, includes:

  • Holistic overview of diseases of the masticatory apparatus and interdisciplinary collaboration with selected specialists sharing the same goals
  • Amalgam-sanitation including detoxification therapy
  • Functional analysis and functional therapy for profound diagnosis and treatment of your health problems and illnesses in the mouth, the cephalic region, the head region and the shoulder region (e.g., migraines, TMJ disorder)
  • Manufacturing and fitting of a functionally optimized "anti-stress dental splint"
  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • Individual prophylaxis including the determination of your individual caries risk and possible genetic predispositions
  • Periodontal diagnostics and periodontal therapy including full range of surgical periodontal therapeutic measures
  • Conservative dentistry by method of controlled oral tissue regeneration, including bone transplantation and bone grafting to restore the tooth grip orthodontic apparatus at a far advanced stage of periodontitis
  • Recall (professional, preventive follow-up)
  • Full spectrum of oral surgery including all possibilities of operational conservative dentistry, microsurgical techniques and augmentation surgery and graft surgery

  • Implant diagnosis and complete surgical and prosthetic range of implant-prosthetic rehabilitation

  • Full range of restorative and prosthetic reconstruction of the masticatory apparatus according gnathological criteria (in due consideration of your entire individual functional parameters) 
  • Aesthetic dentistry – tooth-colored side tooth reconstruction as well as natural, aesthetically optimized anterior fillings, veneers and tooth crowns.
  • Orthodontics including adult treatment to improve the initial situation before the prosthetic treatment
  • Associated dental master laboratory to optimize the functional and aesthetic criteria in prosthetic care


Your H.-W. Dildei and staff

Dentist in Oberursel near Frankfurt - Center for Dental Arts


* Source: kzvh Kassenärtztliche Vereinigung Hessen